Trip to The Middle Earth … Part 1

I left home at noon that day, it was rainy day yet hot as usual, I felt a bit excitement and worry in undefinable way, however since I’ve asked my little brother and nephew to go with me to the airport so they made me busy with silly conversation and so on.

I had to wait around three hours before board the flight, I was so relief when I found out that I only carried a 21 something kilos luggage, so no problem at the check in counter. I spent the rest of waiting time at a cafe for breaking fast, maghrib prayer and walking around duty free stores, I entered the waiting/ boarding lounge around 15 minutes before boarding time.

The flight was so so, you know I’ve been wondering why Qantas hired old women and men for their cabin crews, another thing that made me think  that I would never vote for their service excellence was their service (esp. meals service) was a bit disorganized. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t so I spent all night watching movies.

I arrived in Sydney early morning, I could smell the air of Australia, it was so familiar to my nose, and it somehow reminded me of my time in Oz. I passed the security checks and then wandering around Sydney Airport international terminal for about two hours before my connecting flight departed.

The flight from Sydney to Auckland was nice, the Qantas had shifted old crews to fresh young ladies I thought, so two something hours flight was quite pleasant. I had been warned that NZ immigration checks is one of very strict checks in the world, so I was a little anxious, but thanks God, I got an Indian Malaysian officer who did the check so everything went well.

Happiness was in the air when I saw my lovely wife outside the airport…. to be continued

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