Global Direction on Oral Health Care

According to the WHO Global Oral Health Programme (ORH) published on official WHO website , the main emphasis of oral health care development has been focused on oral health promotion and oral disease prevention. Furthermore, the WHO has set up  a global strategy for prevention and control of these diseases, endorsed in 2000 by the Fifty-third World Health Assembly (resolution WHA 53.17).

There are several notions that make up the policy basis on oral health development.Those are as follow:

  1. Oral health is integral and essential to general health,

  2. Oral health is a determinant factor for quality of life

  3. The interrelationship between oral and general health is proven by evidence
  4. Proper oral health care reduces premature mortality

Based on the global situation of oral health, therefore the WHO has developed some priority actions that include several interventions  on some areas including:

  1. Managing Risks to oral health and intervention to all people

  2. Implementing oral health care programmes to important target groups such as school children and youth as well as Elderly people

  3. Interventions on HIV/AIDS and oral health

  4. Improving the quality of Oral health services

  5. Improving Information systems on oral health care services

To sum up, the global direction of oral health care has been focused on continuous improvement of oral health in the 21st century, Therefore, the new strategies of global oral health care have been reoriented in order to improve the quality of oral diseases prevention an oral health promotion programmes.

sources :

Oral health databases
Now updated periodontal information available from Niigata University, Japan. Also available is data from more than 130 countries from Malmö University, Sweden.
More information

Past events
Conference products and meeting reports.
More information

Oral Health Programme
Questions, comments and feedback.
More information


Director-General and senior management

Governance of WHO
WHO Constitution, Executive Board and World Health Assembly

Media centre
News, events, fact sheets, multimedia and contacts

International travel and health
Publication on travel risks, precautions and vaccination requirements

World Health Report
Annual report on global public health and key statistics

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